Legacy Support
Please see below for tutorials and support materials for our Windows-based legacy suite of applications. You can also contact us to have a technician help you for a per-incident charge.
A&K MOBILE setup on Android Phone or Tablet 12/09/2016
WinPCO New Year Scheduling for 2013 (.pdf) 04/10/2014
Procedure for Setting up Remote Desktop Connections (.pdf) 04/10/2014
WinPCO Backup Procedures (.pdf) 04/10/2014
WinPCO Manual v. 4.3 04/10/2014
WinTOS Manual 04/10/2014
A&K MOBILE setup on Android Phone or Tablet 12/09/2016
WinPCO Mobile 12/09/2016
WinPCO Cloud New Year Scheduling for 2013 [Video] 12/09/2016
WinPCO New Year Scheduling for Non Cloud User for 2013 [Video] 12/09/2016
How to setup Remote Desktop Connection CLOUD [Video] 12/09/2016
WinTOS Termite Report Writer Overview [Video] 04/10/2014
WinPCO add another service to existing customer [Video] 04/10/2014
WinPCO create next month invoices batch [Video] 04/10/2014
WinPCO print customer list [Video] 04/10/2014
WinPCO print list of un used invoices [Video] 04/10/2014
WinPCO print report of cancel customers [Video] 04/10/2014
WinPCO How To Create Re-Do Invoice [Video] 04/10/2014
WinPCO How To Setup Multiple Properties under one account [Video] 04/10/2014
WinPCO Return Slip Process [Video] 04/10/2014
WinPCO Batch Payment Entry [Video] 04/10/2014
WinPCO 2012 New Year Scheduling Overview [Video] 04/10/2014
WinPCO Customer Master Overview [Video] 04/10/2014
Cloud Computing [Video] 04/10/2014
Merchant Bank Card Service [Video] 04/10/2014
WinPCO Manager 04/10/2014
Win IPM / WebIPM with Opticon OPN2001 Laser Scanner 04/10/2014
Installing 2X Client for Android and iPad 04/10/2014
WinPCO Manual 04/10/2014
WinPCO 4.2v 04/10/2014
WinIPM Overview 04/10/2014
WinTOS Overview 04/10/2014
WinPCO Overview 04/10/2014
WinTOS Overview superadmin (04/10/2014)   

Download | WinTOS_overview-new.pdf (394.11 KB) | Download: 297

Description The WinTOS Termite software makes it easier to write your WDO reports in an efficient way. You can enter Findings and Recommendations, draw professional looking diagrams, and prepare Notice of Completions. You can choose 1-11 sections or 5 sections in California (for all other states, we already have the NPCA form in our software).