Legacy Support
Please see below for tutorials and support materials for our Windows-based legacy suite of applications. You can also contact us to have a technician help you for a per-incident charge.
A&K MOBILE setup on Android Phone or Tablet 12/09/2016
WinPCO New Year Scheduling for 2013 (.pdf) 04/10/2014
Procedure for Setting up Remote Desktop Connections (.pdf) 04/10/2014
WinPCO Backup Procedures (.pdf) 04/10/2014
WinPCO Manual v. 4.3 04/10/2014
WinTOS Manual 04/10/2014
A&K MOBILE setup on Android Phone or Tablet 12/09/2016
WinPCO Mobile 12/09/2016
WinPCO Cloud New Year Scheduling for 2013 [Video] 12/09/2016
WinPCO New Year Scheduling for Non Cloud User for 2013 [Video] 12/09/2016
How to setup Remote Desktop Connection CLOUD [Video] 12/09/2016
WinTOS Termite Report Writer Overview [Video] 04/10/2014
WinPCO add another service to existing customer [Video] 04/10/2014
WinPCO create next month invoices batch [Video] 04/10/2014
WinPCO print customer list [Video] 04/10/2014
WinPCO print list of un used invoices [Video] 04/10/2014
WinPCO print report of cancel customers [Video] 04/10/2014
WinPCO How To Create Re-Do Invoice [Video] 04/10/2014
WinPCO How To Setup Multiple Properties under one account [Video] 04/10/2014
WinPCO Return Slip Process [Video] 04/10/2014
WinPCO Batch Payment Entry [Video] 04/10/2014
WinPCO 2012 New Year Scheduling Overview [Video] 04/10/2014
WinPCO Customer Master Overview [Video] 04/10/2014
Cloud Computing [Video] 04/10/2014
Merchant Bank Card Service [Video] 04/10/2014
WinPCO Manager 04/10/2014
Win IPM / WebIPM with Opticon OPN2001 Laser Scanner 04/10/2014
Installing 2X Client for Android and iPad 04/10/2014
WinPCO Manual 04/10/2014
WinPCO 4.2v 04/10/2014
WinIPM Overview 04/10/2014
WinTOS Overview 04/10/2014
WinPCO Overview 04/10/2014
WinPCO Backup Procedures (.pdf) superadmin (04/10/2014)   

Download | winPCO_backup_procedures.pdf (116.76 KB) | Download: 174

WinPCO Backup Procedures (Pdf)